We are a multidisciplinary studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark and we do all kinds of  creative
activity within architecture, design, art, interior, set design, fe
stivals and constructions.

We are a one-stop shop and do close to all features of a process from idea to realization.
We are a versatile unity of architects, designers, production technologists,
builders, engineers, entrepreneurs, dreamers and event-makers. We are thinkers and doers
and we deliver everything and anything 
from scratch to give you well-articulated customizations. 

We strive to create beautiful and functional designs, in a different way than the ordinary. 
We turn everything upside down and we do as much as possible in an environmentally friendly way.
We are constantly exploring new materials and connections. 
Our clients vary from private
to commercial along side governments 
and count some of the biggest companies
in Denmark and around the world. 

We believe THAT true innovation is created
with an abstract mind, through
holistic synergies for a hedonistic goal.