Graffiti Wall // Roskilde Festival 2018

Graffiti Wall // Roskilde Festival 2018


From art to furniture

As a huge collaboration between architects, artists, the municipality and Roskilde Festival Højskole this 80 metre graffiti wall consists of eight pieces of art, that will be transformed into furniture for a new højskole built on the ideals behind Roskilde Festival.

Roskilde Festival Højskole is about formation of character and the whole process and content of designing and producing a festival, which is actually the worlds largest temporary city. We gathered eight artists from all over the world to contribute with a unique piece each. 

 In their works the artists are reflecting upon their development as artists through action, through challenges and opportunities and through communities such as the international art community at Roskilde Festival.

After the festival all of the hundreds of graffiti boards are being cut up and reassembled into furniture for the interior of the Roskilde Festival Højskole. 

A sustainable storytelling that will peak in time over the next decade or two. One of our biggest collaborations so far and a feel good all the way.



ROFH Graffiti Wall


Roskilde Festival Højskole





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